I am known as a mother to the world because I have given birth to my four lovely children, but I don’t identify as a mother in that way.  Long before I was married I knew I wanted to be a mother, yes I longed to be pregnant, and have these perfect little humans grown inside me, but regardless if that were in the cards or not, I still knew.  I was going to be a mother one way or another.  It was never a question in my mind.

I am a mother because I love unconditionally.  Before children, I was able to do that with my husband.  Before my husband, I was able to do that with my nieces and nephews.

I am a mother because I’m compassionate.  When my children are hurting, I’m there for them, but who else have I been compassionate towards?

I am a mother because I am selfless.  Those selfless acts I exhibited towards my students with autism and various disabilities made me feel like a mother years and years before a baby would grow inside me.

I am a mother because I am brave and strong.  My daughter right now wears pajamas with those words written right in front, “Smart, Brave, and Strong”  Being strong and brave sets examples for all sorts of young ladies and gentlemen and children in general.

I am a mother because I know Mary, our Blessed Mother.  Knowing Mary, and all her amazing attributes (unconditional love, compassion, selflessness, strength, and bravery) I know what it means to be a mother.  I look at her as an example of what a mother can be and I long to be like her.

Imagine saying “Yes” to carrying our Savior.  Imagine raising Him through those short years.  How would it be to watch Jesus grow into a man, a man of God?  Would you be willing to watch your only child suffer through the stations of the cross?  How would it be to be like Mary?  Can I truly trust God in His plan for my children?  Can I endure every suffering she was asked of and come out a saint?

As Mary suffered, so do many women in this world, women who are battling a war in the name of motherhood.  Those women who have suffered miscarriages, stillbirths, death of a child (at any age), or infertility are many.  They are warriors for all moms.  Then there are those who long for motherhood but haven’t been blessed to find the right man to marry, or those whose husband doesn’t want children yet or perhaps never will.  Again, these ladies are warriors.

Ladies, through your suffering, I find strength.  Though my journey has been easy comparatively, I will never take that gift lightly.  Your battles are inspiring to me and probably many others.  If, for whatever reason, you find yourself celebrating this Mother’s Day without the child(ren) you desire because they were gone too soon or they haven’t made their way to your home at this time, then allow me to pray for you during your current hardship.  Ask Mary to intercede for you during her month of glory during this struggle.  Surround yourself with an army of people (saints included) to help ease the pain.  Then let me be the first to tell you, Happy Mother’s Day!  This day may not be easy, but you are still being honored.  I love you, but probably not as much as God!

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