Did you know I’m working on a planner? The hope is for it to be ready to purchase by the end of the year.  So, I guess technically it is a 2019 planner.  I’ve been tweaking it for awhile, and there are so many things I want for this little gem.  Alas, there are something that are left of to the individual that can’t be placed in an actual planner.  So consider this…

Self-Care and Self-Connection:

There are many things we need throughout the day that we would never consider putting on a planner.  Things such as sleep, respite, workouts, healthy meals, and prayer are imperative to our well being as well as the successfulness of each day.  Why not consider these things in your daily plan too?  Why not pencil it into your schedule… or should I say planner?

Design a sleep schedule and stick to it: 

Just about everyone knows they aren’t getting enough sleep.  We typically just don’t go to bed when we need to be.  Sadly, everyone seems to hate closing their eyes because when they wake up again, it is the beginning of a new day, and that means time is going by, right?  It takes a little trust in God to go to bed at the time you want and generally need.  Be sure to make sure you are getting the rest you need to perform for the following day.  You know the drill, no screens, maybe read a book… put yourself to sleep the same way you expect your kids to go to bed.

Relaxation Doesn’t Always Happen Out of Nowhere; Prearrange it:

Make arrangements to read a book, take a nap, listen to some music, watch a movie, have a friend over to hangout and have a bit of wine and appetizers, plan a game night with the family… just so long as whatever you are doing actually helps you rest and be ready for the next big thing.  One small tip, try not to depend on someone else to help you relax, because they’re not always on the same schedule you are.  I love to offer my husband massages (secretly I do this because this is what I want from him), but if I asked him to reciprocate I would be left wanting.  He is horrible at giving massages, and he has other things on his mind during the times I ask for one.  In the end, I’m more frustrated than if I would have just gone out and paid for one.  The lesson here is that you must make this happen for yourself.  No one else is going to care about your rest and mental health as much as you will.

Exercise is Important Enough to Plan:

I’m not in love with the idea of exercise but I do want to be healthier for many reasons involving God, myself, my family…. Maybe even grandkids someday.  Being fit is what keeps our energy level in a better position to do the many things we want.  With the internet literally at our fingertips you can research great ways to get the body shape, the amount of muscle, or any well-balanced goal you have, with ease.  I found, I only have to keep up a good cardio workout for more than 20 minutes a day to achieve the results I want with body image.

Keep Track of Eating Well:

Eating is essential for living, and no one loves food more than I do I can assure you, but sometimes we can take it to the extreme.  Do you ever find yourself justifying overindulging with food and drink?  How many times can you justify it per week? Month? Year?  It is time we begin thinking about food as fuel for our bodies and for our days ahead.

Scheduling Time with God: 

This may be prayer, reading the bible, adoration, or even as simple as going for a walk or journaling.  This should be one of our top priorities for each day.  This is what we should build our lives around along with our relaxation, because this is how we get to press the “reset” button.  This is what the world needs, our families specifically, to see who we really are.  This is what we need to give them the best version of ourselves.  It is usually easier said than done, but if you willingly accept the challenge, and change your habits slowly with good intentions, I can promise you great things will follow.  The biggest change I’ve noticed for myself, is a greater outlook on the world and what is ahead of me.  I thoroughly enjoy my days, amid the chaos of toddlerville and all the other happenings on the home front, because I witness good things constantly.

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