The weather here has turned nice to hot and back to beautiful in a span of one week’s time here in Tulsa.  We’ve been outside a lot and enjoying every bit of it, but it got me thinking.  What are we to do on those hot days ahead?  We have long summers here and some days 95 degrees is a major relief.  We’ll get out in the water most mornings while the shade is still covering and the temperature hasn’t risen to it’s maximum, but what then?  I’ll admit, last summer we watched entirely too much TV.

When my kids watch T.V. anymore they become cranky and quite unruly.  Anyone else?  I’m tried to combat this television set in my living room with educational channels or learning the alphabet through YouTube, however the outcome is still the same.  So what are our plans this summer?  Activities! Activities! Activities!

They’re not too hard, but I’m working on a list to beat the heat.

Hot Lava Activity

Grab all the pillows in the house and jump from one to another trying not to step in the “hot lava”.  We can go forward or we could go backward, or maybe we could crawl from one to another.  It is old fashioned, but hours of fun.

Activity Courses

We plan on trekking through the house from room to room by active play.  Walking along balance beams, crawling through tunnels, doing log rolls, or whatever rules you decide.  We’ll even use painters tape to put on our floor to follow a path for hopping on one foot, or walking backwards.  This one is more fun when you get creative.

Scavenger Hunts

Hide a treasure someplace fun, and give them clues to find it.  For toddlers, picture clues work really well.  Or, hide Easter eggs with fun clues to put together at the end of the hunt.

Science Experiments

We’ve started learning about mixing colors through food dye in water, make leaf or bark rubbings, create paper airplanes, build structures with straws and marshmallows, you can find tons of fun things on the internet.


Pull out the art supplies and let the kids create with paint, glue, play dough, glitter, whatever mess you make can be cleaned up for another activity later.


Personally, we’re working on chores and responsibilities right now, because I love to do the things that make a mess (they’re generally the most memorable and the most fun).  If I’m the one cleaning up the mess alone everyday, I’m more likely to shy away from those type of activities.  Invest in a hand held vacuum your little one can manage alone, or a broom and dust pan.  The first few times of clean will be long and excruciating, but a habit will form eventually.  The big secret is, cleaning is fun for kids… at least all of my kids, anyway.

Service projects

I think it would be a great activity to provide service for the people in our community.  We could water the neighbors plants, go visit a nursing home, visit the chapel to pray for a loved one, and much more.

Baths.  When it is too hot to go outside, or if some little munchkin is sleeping indoors, I’ll let my kids play in the bath tub.

Field Trips

Travel to the library, to a museum, visit Chik-fil-a’s indoor playground, some outdoor parks are shady, or have splash pads to help keep cool, or visit with another family staying indoors (flip side: invite friends over to your house when you’re doing some awesome activity from above).

Any kind of break from the mundane is nice, right?  What would you add?

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