Let me put it this way, If someone offered you $10,000,000.00 to get your booty in the pews at church every Sunday for a year, you would most likely do it.  Now explain to God how $10,000,000.00 means more to you than your relationship with Him.

Going to Church isn’t easy.  It should be, but it isn’t.  Every Sunday I wake up with this feeling of just wanting one day to sleep past 7:00 am.  I have that same feeling on Saturday, but I feel it more on Sunday because I didn’t get it on Saturday.  Anyone else?  Why do I need to go to church anyway?  I go to have a relationship with my God.  Without church, praise and worship, my relationship falls short.  Now, I intend to explain to you why you should treat your relationship with God/ going to church just like a marriage.

I don’t think I’ll hear many arguments about marriage being difficult.  It is a constant work in progress.  It stays that way until we’re all old and gray.  You’ll actually find quite a few divorced couples who remarry see how their previous marriage could have worked out, because the same problems are still there.  Every marriage is a struggle, and you’re asked to work out each struggle until your dying breath.  The same goes for your relationship with God.

When we go to mass, we sit through the boring parts, which really aren’t boring once you take time to understand the beauty of it all, to get to “the most important part.”  If you’re like me, I always thought I need to go to church so I could get the Eucharist.  The Eucharist is important, but it isn’t the most important part.  That would be like saying sex is the most important part in your marriage.  When you understand the beauty of the mass, you see that every little detail has a purpose.  Those details are preparing you to accept Jesus through Holy Communion.  In a marriage, you have to honor and respect one another, and get to know your husband or wife more intimately before you can just jump into sex.  Going to church is the same way.  Pay attention, do some research, and find out what it is really all about.

Going to church will not form your relationship with Him all on its own.  You know that, because what if all I did was go to mass once a week?  I don’t just work on my relationship with my spouse once a week.  There has to be more to it, and yet that little hour of time every Sunday is still hard to make.  It isn’t easy.  Mass is boring.  It is inconvenient.  My kids are rotten (sometimes).  There is all of this and more, but it is a commitment.  Going to church to praise God and honor Him once a week is our commitment to Christ.  You can do more, but you shouldn’t do less.  Marriage is a commitment too right?  You don’t just stop trying because it is boring, or inconvenient.  You definitely don’t leave because your kids are rotten.  It may be easy, but it isn’t worth doing.

Prayer is talking with Our Heavenly Father.  When I talk to Him I want to praise him, thank him, and then ask for His blessing in certain situations, or perhaps His guidance.  When I talk to my husband, I inevitably am doing something similar.  If I am constantly asking of my husband or only talking with him when I’m in need, then how is that going to make him feel?  Like a genie who grants wishes, or perhaps a vending machine?  We have to honor our spouses, and we have to honor God.  I honor Him through my actions and words.  Prayer is my greatest attribute if I can be disciplined enough to pray more than I do now (see a work in progress).  I work on praising first and being grateful before I ask anything from Him.  I’m also working on doing this with my husband.

The bottom line is we have to work at relationships, and our relationship with God is no different.  It was an amazing realization I had figuring this out, because where I am in my faith I was able to do these things with God, but not so much for my husband.  It seemed easier with God because He is infallible, and I know my husbands flaws better than he does (and he knows mine better than I, why does it always work out that way?).

How do we work at keeping our marriages healthy? 

We find time alone with our spouses.  Find time alone with God.

We make time for intimacy.  Honor God in your marriage bed.

We talk about the good things, the bad things, and more.  Talk with God.

We listen to each others needs and desires.  Listen to God’s desires.

We work at appreciating one another for the little things.  Thank God too.

We do selfless acts for each other.  Do something hard and selfless for God.

We say I love you more often.  Tell God you love Him.

We are there for them when they need us.  Be there for God as well (church).

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