Some days I can get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off and some mornings I’m hiding under my covers trying to lay perfectly still so the little hooligans can’t find me.  Some days I’m motivated to get the task list completed with a big fat smile upon my face, and some days I’d love to get in the car and drive to another city completely leaving my to-do list for another time.  Some days are easy and some days are tough, like in an ornery sort of way.  Why does it have to be tough?

Things are difficult for a reason.  There is a reason behind your car breaking down inconveniently (or if you live in our neighborhood you may have saw a car with a tree lying on top of it), or in the toddler spilling his milk for the second time, or even for your husband being asked to go out of town leaving you to “do it ALL” for a couple of days.  There is most definitely a reason, maybe more than one.

Sometimes you struggle so others can shine.

Once my car drove itself into our garage.  This happened before our first anniversary as a married couple, and we’re still sorting out who’s fault it really was.  I’ll try to make this long story short: My car was parked outside the garage.  I drove a manual transmission and I had a remote start on the car.  The car has to be in neutral to use the remote start.  My husband knew that but refused to EVER put it in neutral.  I started my car, forgetting who drove it last, and though the break was on, the car lunged forward crushing our garage door.  I was supposed to be on my way somewhere, I couldn’t drive my car because the windshield was shattered, and my husband was doing a big service project with a group of work friends and wasn’t answering his phone.  I needed to get where I was headed.  I would have been letting down some very special volleyball gals as I was their coach.  The only person certified to be there.  If I wasn’t there, they couldn’t play.  So what happened?

At 7:30am I called my mom who got ready quickly, came to get me and take me to my girls.  She came to me and helped me through that tough moment (because I was very shaky, as I had no clue what the damage total was going to be).  I cried, and she tried to get my mind on other things.  She helped me, with her mother’s selfless love, without question or hesitation.  I was surprised to see how quickly she had gotten to me.  That struggle let me know my mom valued being there for me in my time of need, and I’ve taken that along with me as I’ve grown into motherhood too.  Sometimes you struggle so others can shine.

Sometimes you struggle so others can learn.

As parents, my husband and I love watching our kids grow.  We enjoy teaching them to be independent in all sorts of ways.  We ask them to do chores, we want to see how far they can get themselves ready without our assistance, and we work on using utensils and drinking from open mouth cups at mealtime very early on, like 12-18 months.  It requires so much patience to teach a child to drink out of a cup so young, but it helps us in the long run, so we make it a priority.  Mess after mess I calmly and quietly clean up the liquid on my table or floor, or even child  I say a prayer while I do it, so as not to yell, and eventually your child gets the hang of it and the messes or few.  Sometimes you struggle so others can learn.  (Potty training is probably a better scenario, I just didn’t feel like discussing all the bodily functions.  There’s not a delicate way to do that really).

Sometimes you struggle so you can grow.

When my husband would go out of town when we just had one or two kids, I thought I was going to lose my ever-loving mind.  I felt I had no time to rest, or be myself.  Just this week alone, because he went out of town twice in one week,  I got all five of us ready for school (lunches, diapers, clothes, water bottles, teeth brushed, etc.) both Tuesday and Thursday.  I also did bedtime and bath time alone Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and will be doing it again tonight.  I’m obviously a changed woman.  I’ve grown to realize new strengths, new personalities, new faith, and ultimately a whole new me.  I know God pushes me to be better everyday, and I’ve finally listened and trusted his guidance, and look what has happened.  I’m a confident mother (most of the time, I’m human) who knows she’s capable of conquering this tough situation without my husband’s helping hand.  I never would have known any of these great things about myself if I didn’t have a tough day.  Sometimes you struggle so you can grow.

There are many reasons why you struggle, some not listed here.  I didn’t even get into what struggling does for your spiritual health.  When you put it all together, though, you finally get to see how beautiful the world is after powering through a tough time.  Sometimes that world is tiny, like your breakfast table, or large, like the city you live in, your state, nation, or perhaps the world as a whole.  Think about the things which have happened in your past which has taught you to be a better person.  Think about those tiny struggles you endured (potty training) to reap a great reward.

Life is messy and blessy!  I’m coining that phrase, here!  I typed it in a seconds time, laughed at my own joke, and now I’m marking it as my own. Ha!

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