What I’m writing about today is very personal.  I want to preface by stating: this small thing, is very big to me, but it can be viewed very differently.  By writing what I have learned about myself, my kids, and my family, I do not look down on anyone who doesn’t see this in the same light.  I would never imagine beating up on anyone who didn’t think the same way, because life is different for everyone on all levels.  Readers, I love you! I respect you! I want you to live your life in your way.  I am only writing my story without any attempt to persuade anyone else.  So without further ado…

My desire to homeschool has brought me to realize, I’m in love with this family God gave me.  Each person, including my husband, is a literal gift from above.  I genuinely love having everyone around.  Sure, it is nice to have some quiet time here and there, but I miss them when they’re gone.  Right now, my three older kiddos are in “school”.  They go every Tuesday and Thursday, and I’ve grown to hate it.  It was our intention to get them into a school setting to help aide social skills, but I feel like our family life on those two days is absolutely shot.

As much as I try not rush our morning routine on those days, it still happens occasionally.  By the time I get the two middle kids to their Mother’s Day Out Program, the baby is asleep.  He wakes up as soon as his carseat is moved, and doesn’t go back down until he’s played, fussed, and eaten again.  By the time he finally gets back to sleep, it is nearly time to go grab kids from school.  This poor baby doesn’t get any kind of long nap on these two days.  Which in turn makes the nights rough, but that’s another story.

Because the three big kids don’t get any naps, the house is chaotic upon arriving home.  Someone is always crying from three o’clock until dinner time.  This is where my patience is put to the test.  I get worn out easier because I’m working hard both physically and mentally to keep myself calm so I can teach these little loves of mine to get themselves in a state of peace.  Did I mention I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays?

So I love having the kids around, and we’ve been very intentional with our time together on our days off.  We do crafts, we go to the park, we play games, we have a dance party, we play in the water, we go on a nature walk, we read books, we tell stories, we build inventions, we do experiments, and so on and so on.  Because we do all these things together, I get to see their joy in learning, creating, playing, etc.  I get to help them along in their skills personally and I have so many more teachable moments.  I’ve been working on getting the kids involved in an age appropriate service project too.

I want to give my kids the world.  I want them to try sports and music.  I’d like to them to get involved in extra curriculars outside of learning.  I just don’t see that being a reality if they’re in school 6+ hours a day.  Anything extra will cut into family time.  We won’t be able to offer them the world, because in offering them that, we’ll be giving up on what matters most.

Along with these beautiful God-given babies came a big responsibility.  God asked me as a parent to be responsible for their education, the spiritual state, their moral value, and their view on life.  If my children do not have the appropriate skills they cannot function in society as husbands and wives, parents, employee, bosses, friends, or even as a strangers.  Who is better fit for the job?  I feel a pull from God, as if he’s saying, “Hold up!  I’m asking you to do these things.  This is why I’ve given you these children.  Don’t go out and delegate the delicate stuff.”

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