Hello!  Hello!  This blog post is a slight interruption from the typical blog posts you’ll read here.  I’ve been doing some thought on what my plans really are for this little gem, and I found my ultimate goal to be helping other women, other mothers, live their life just a little better than the day before.

How can I do that?  Well, the real question is, “How can I help you?”  If you have questions for me, advice you need to ask a friend but don’t have the “right” friend to ask, I want to be there for you.  There’s a high probability your question is shared among other women.  Take a look at the blog posts I’ve written so far, you can see where my knowledge lies.

The next step is answering those requests.  I plan to answer some questions right here on the blog, especially the ones we all can benefit from hearing.  I will never posts names, and keep a professional relationship.  Anonymous questions leave little room for gossip.  Anonymous questions will allow for others to place themselves in the situation and hear the words they need at that moment.

My advice will come from my heart.  I will tell you how I would handle the situation, or how I’ve done things in the past.  I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a counselor.  I am a teacher, a mother, a christian woman.  I am a friend to lean on in the times of despair.

So I’m asking you to reach out.  I know that isn’t easy, but maybe it can be easier if you are seeking advice from someone you don’t know personally.  Maybe it can be easier to do so anonymously.  Maybe it will be easier knowing you have a whole community of women here to help you!

Now, I’m going to ask another favor…

In order for this segment to be a true success and true help to those in need, we all need to work together to get the word out.  If you’ve read a post that really spoke to you, please feel free to share that with your family and friends.  Let them know about this little community so it can grow and become well rounded.

Share this post, so women can find me to ask me their questions.

Lastly, I thank you all, readers!  You’re amazing!  In the past month my numbers have grown exponentially, and my goal is to keep on growing.  I plan to exceed my current follower number of, just over 300, and make my way to the thousands and then tens of thousands.  I’m asking you to help me get there quicker.  I am asking you help me to offer my help to others in greater numbers.  Who’s with me?!

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2 replies on “Dear Dana

  1. I am blessed to have found your blog! It has been an encouragement to me. My family is at a stage where I have young adult children as well as little ones. I know you haven’t reached this stage yet but dealing with dating and helping our young adult children make good choices in this area would be nice to see. If this isn’t a topic you want to address then maybe just a prayer for this intention. Thanks

    1. Interestingly enough I’ve been thinking on the subject a lot even though the oldest is just 5. My time as a young adult disappoints the person I am now and I want better for my children. That’s a great subject to write on! Thank you!

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