“You must be holy in the way God asks you to be holy.  God does not ask you to be a Trappist Monk or a Hermit.  He wills that you sanctify your everyday life.” -St. Vincent Palloti

I read this quote for the first time late last night, and it struck me.  Actually it struck up a conversation in my head with two versions of myself bantering back and forth.  I know how crazy that sounds, but I don’t think I’m the only woman who does this.  The thoughts in my head were as follows:

“Oh yeah!  I’m a wife and a mother, I should expect to be able to set aside hours of prayer.”
“Yes, but I still need to set aside time, because He is my God and I want to show Him how much He means to me.”
“Am I putting enough time in? Probably not.  Probably not when you add up how often I’m angry (suppressed or not) with the things going on everyday.”
“Oh my gosh, why do I do that!  Why can’t I be more loving in my thoughts?”
“There are the slow shoppers  in front of me at the store, the woman who sped up to get in front of me while driving only to immediately turn her blinker on and step on the brake (and as usual no one was behind me), and then there are my children who aren’t doing well listening the first time, the third time, even the fifth.”
“Grrr, I’m getting angry just thinking about it.  Ha!  This is defeating the purpose.”
And so on, and so on.

After my LONG conversation with myself, I reread the quote.

“You must be holy in the way God asks you to be holy.  God does not ask you to be a Trappist Monk or a Hermit.  He wills that you sanctify your everyday life.” -St. Vincent Palloti

Then it hit me.  I am working on making my everyday holy.  I will struggle and I will fail sometimes, and though I let myself down with that, I’m working towards a greater goal.  For that I should be proud.  My everyday life is my EVERYTHING, thankfully because I’m spending the majority of it with my beautiful family.  My family who causes me stress or anxiety, but also the most joy I’ve ever known, help me recover from those times I fail to be holy.

I’m writing this on April 17, 2018, well over a year since I started making my big change.  I’m writing after I’ve already begun to feel the abundance of peace in my daily life.  The majority of the time, I’m calm with my children, and from the outside looking in, we may often seem like we have it all together. It is important for you, the reader, to understand that we still fail.

The majority of the time when I’m conducting blogs that seem like advice for you, I’m still learning from that same advice.  Though I’ve come a long way, and I know the road that brought me to where I am, I’m not perfect.  I’ve never been and I don’t plan to be anytime in the future.  I try to be perfect in holiness, but not so much that I go berserk if I can’t do it that day or at a particular time.  We’re working towards a goal of 100% all the time, but you know that’s not attainable right?

Find the holiness in your everyday.  Be who you are and then let God shine his graces on you.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  There is worth in what you are doing and who you are becoming especially if you let God in your heart.  If you find an area of your life that needs mending, work on it.  If you find an overwhelming amount of things that you could work on, just pick one at a time.  Sometimes I choose the easiest one first to get a good success record before hitting anything big.

God wills you to sanctify your everyday life.

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