As I am human, I often forget my planned times with God, even when I have my timer set, but for the most part I have done really well to add prayer into my daily routine.  Prayer for me has changed over the years and so has the effects accompanying prayer.

My first time intentionally adding more prayer into my life, I just sat quietly and calmly chatted with God.  These prayers gave me peace and stillness in a body which was quite anxious and fretful.

Next I added more praise in my prayers.  I just wanted my King to know how much it meant for me to speak with Him.  These prayers sent down a feeling of someone standing with me during all times.

I then added more and more.  I do some rote prayers and I do some prayers through song, and I chat with Him all day long.  I take special time out of my day to do this, even when it feels there’s no time to spare, and each day God sends me treasure after treasure.

The most recent treasure I’ve discovered is my ability to get an abundance of “things” done in a day.  I rest, I read, I watch a little television, I sit on my computer doing mindless perusing (If it isn’t Facebook, its Amazon…). I’m certainly no freak of nature that has special abilities.  I don’t stay up late, or get up early, and I tend to be more productive when my kids are around.

I’ve noticed that prayer has molded me into this woman who can achieve many tasks or goals while also loving and interacting playfully with my children.  Prayer has completely taken chaos away.  It has simplified my thoughts and movements.  Prayer has eased most of my pains in my heart which have been hurting for years.  I feel as if I’m making better choices, and I know more about myself and who I am and even who I hope to be going forward.

My prayer intentions are typically one of the following..

*to do my best each day  *to help me know God’s will  *to offer up my sufferings for my family, my friends, and for the Almighty.  *to guide me through this difficult time  *to show me how to be patient.

Somewhere down the road I had learned (probably from no one but myself) to ask God to take my sufferings away, or to fix my problems for me.  I think I prayed to God in a similar fashion as a person would ask a genie to grant wishes.  When I stopped focusing on the outcome and concerned myself more with my daily journey, my life greatly improved almost full circle.

It takes time, and there’s so much frustration, but trust in Him.  “Father knows best!”



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