With a name like St. Martha’s Lens, I’m sure you are not surprised to hear I’m Catholic.   For some readers that sentence may drive them to exit out of this blog and never return.  I wish you wouldn’t, but I refuse to change who I am to gain followers.  I’m what they call a “cradle Catholic” meaning I was born into the faith.  Sometimes that can be a major hindrance when it comes to knowing about the Catholic faith.  I attended a Catholic grade school and I went to church every single week and yet there was so much I never knew about what it meant to be Catholic.

In eighth grade our class traveled to Washington D.C. to march for life.  Upon hearing of the awful ways an abortion is conducted, I had no choice but to believe this march had true meaning.  To this day, those jaw-dropping lessons have stuck with me, and I feel very passionate on the issue, but this post isn’t about abortion.  Abortion is death (approximately 3,000 deaths each day), I’m discussing life.

50 years ago a man, who just so happened to be the Pope at the time, Pope Paul VI a statement regarding contraceptives and how it could affect our world.  This Encyclical letter was titled, Humane Vitae.  Basically, there were four prophecies and I believe they’ve become an even larger problem today than even this Pope could have foreseen.

  1. Infidelity and moral decline.
  2. Lost Respect for Women
  3. Abuse of Power
  4. Unlimited Dominion

I implore you to listen to Janet Smith discuss this further, here.  It is well worth your while, and you’ll be shocked.  Janet Smith told an interviewer once…(These are not direct quotes.  I heard it on the radio not too long ago, and I couldn’t remember her words verbatim) “You know, I feel like I’m going around the country telling people the sky is blue and the grass is green, and everyone’s response is ‘Wow, you’re absolutely right!'”

I really hate ruffling the feathers of those who firmly believe opposite of me.  I write this knowing very well, there could be ornery remarks made.  That’s okay, because I’m not writing to change anyone’s mind.  I’m writing about my thoughts.

Just consider how the world has changed in the last decade even.  We are teaching our younger generations, young ladies especially, not to value their bodies.  Because contraception is easily accessed, and abortions are legal, there’s hardly a consequence for having sex.  Are we encouraging sexual activity, promiscuity, and the like among these young people who aren’t even grown up enough to be taken off their parent’s insurance?  And how young are girls being placed on birth control.  My very first GYN appointment, the doctor took me into her office without my mom (I was VERY young) to ask me confidentially if I wanted to be put on birth control.  When I said “Thanks, but no.” she pushed further and continued to push to the point I felt she was becoming angry with me.  It got awkward fast!

I have much more to say on this subject, however I know it is controversial enough as it is.  I think this concept of valuing life coupled with knowing God has a lot to do with our political issues today, especially gun control.  I think this subject is part of the problem with teen suicide rates being on the rise.  I firmly believe not valuing all life and not knowing God is what has been ripping our nation apart.

My biggest belief though, is in love.  Love is the answer to the problem’s around the world.  Loving neighbors, loving people who sin, loving those who have committed horrendous acts of violence.  Everyone deserves our love.  Loving people who are hard to love does not make you weak, in fact it does the opposite.  A strong person can find love in the darkest areas.  Loving others who act poorly does not mean you have to trust them.  It doesn’t even mean you have to be around them.  Showing love is showing mercy.  Love can change our dark world.

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