Is there such a thing as being too positive?  I think there actually may be.  When I was younger my sisters and I would watch Pollyanna quite a bit.  I loved Pollyanna, she was always playing the glad game.  To her, even though bad things occurred every now and again, she could always find something good in it… even if it was far stretched.

I for one, think that is a great quality to possess.  I try to live by that example everyday.  I don’t always succeed, but generally I think I’m doing pretty well.  Life is great, and I want to see it for all it’s greatness.  I want to have that beautiful joy inside my heart day in and day out.  Staying positive during hard times is a good thing, so how can it ever be bad?

My belief in a positive attitude is strong.  I hold a lot of value in that piece of advice.  The trouble is, I’ve seen it become a crutch.  Not in myself, hopefully, but in some people who just want to mask their problems with positive thought instead of addressing the issues in front of them.  You can’t just say, “Things are fine.” “All is well.” when they actually aren’t.  That isn’t healthy.  It seems to me that masking the issue will only make things worse.

In some cases, staying positive means saying, “Holy cow! That was awful! I feel crushed! What do I need to do to make this better?”  Maybe a better response is, “Even though circumstances are undesirable right now, doesn’t mean they have to stay this way.”  Acknowledging a bum deal is a step forward to making things better.

Here are two Positive ways to deal with your dilemmas.

#1 Know you have God on your side.
It isn’t always easy to feel God’s presence.  Some days it is near impossible.  He is though, and the thing with Him is, He doesn’t always answer us the way we think we need Him to, or He asks us to struggle longer than we plan.  That’s usually why we feel abandoned.  So in this essence, patience is a virtue.  So, if that’s too hard to swallow right now, do this instead.  If Jesus were in your situation, and this story was written in the bible, how do you think Jesus would address the problem?  Go from there.

#2 Become a better person by 1% each day.
In times of hardships it is easy to fall into a rut of self-pity and ultimately more bad choices.  All you need to do is change one thing at a time.  It isn’t asking much to improve by 1%.  Let me make myself clear.  You aren’t changing one thing about yourself each day.  That is asking too much!  You are changing one thing about yourself over a long period of time.  Your first 1% is most likely going to be the first day you decide you want to change. period. nothing further.  Then the next day, you make a plan maybe, then the next day, you work towards that goal, and the next, and the next, and the next (Right? You can’t eat an elephant in one bite).  Then some days, you fail, but the next day is another chance to start on the 1% train yet again.  This method leaves you in complete control of you.  You have to give yourself grace when you fail, or move backward, or even quit for months at a time.  Changing yourself isn’t easy.


So what is the take away?

Don’t cover up your troubles with positivity.  Address them by acknowleding, “This sucks!” then add, “but it doesn’t have to.”

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