I feel terrible I haven’t shared this with you before now! My apologies for keeping this one a secret for too long.  This is way too simple for how delicious it is. So, without further ado….


{Step One}

Buy fresh Salmon… you can attempt any size you prefer, single serving, one pound, 2 pound, etc. (You read that correctly, this works for any size)  Also, skin should be on the salmon (don’t worry, you’ll be surprised at how easy this is to get off your filet).


{Step Two}

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.


{Step Three}

Using a broiling pan or baking dish (remember: high heat) melt the butter in the preheated oven. How much?  You really only need enough to cover the bottom of the pan with liquid gold.  So depending on the size of the pan I will use anywhere from 1/3 of a stick to a full stick of butter.  Please don’t use margarine, get the good stuff.


{Step Four}

Add some parsley to the butter.  You can use fresh or dried parsley and you can add it before the butter is melted or after.  There isn’t a big difference here.  In the picture above, I added it before the butter was completely melted.


{Step Five}

After the butter is melted, place the salmon in the dish with the skin facing up.


{Step Six}

Put that sucker in the oven for six minutes (6 min)!


{Step Seven}

Timer went off? Pull the dish out (its incredibly hot!) and take the skin off.  How?  grab a fork and shimmy it between the meat and the skin, it should peel back with the greatest of ease.  I usually peel the skin back in one large swoop and all in one piece, however if it doesn’t come off this way and it is sticking just a tad, put the salmon back in for another 3 minutes and try again.


{Step Eight}

Flip over the salmon filet using a spatula (or what I call a pancake flipper) so the other side can get done.

*Sorry there was no way I could take a photo while doing that… I value my fingers and camera too much to risk either.


{Step Nine}

Place the dish back inside the oven until its done.  The beauty of salmon is that you can actually eat it raw, so the preferred doneness (that’s totally not a word) is up to you.  The filet in these photos was just between a pound and a pound and a half (1lb-1.5lb), and we let it cook for another fifteen minutes.


{Step Ten}

Enjoy the meal by eating straight out of the dish because its too tasty to make it to the table for the rest of the family.


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