Why Are My Children So Fussy?

I don’t have the answer for you.  Oops!

What I do have to give you is a great way to calm down the fussiness of the day. {Also works on teens and husbands! Hehe.}

Are you ready for this?

Food and Touch

What does that even mean?  It means, when your child is walking around aimlessly and whining for no good reason, you may be able to offer a little support with a hug for her.  Some back scratches always do wonders for my children.  Playing with their hair, give them big squeezes and tickles to get them laughing again, or whatever you do to let your child know you are there, is typically all it takes to perk that little one up and be on her way.

When touch is not enough, I generally go for food next.  Our babies are constantly growing and you never know when those growth spurts are going to take place.  I’m fortunate enough my kids enjoy fresh fruit.  I don’t even have to cut up an apple for anyone, they like to bite right into them.  I generally keep a bowl of fruit options out on the counter for them to see.  They know they can have one at anytime except just before dinner.  It has saved us many times throughout our days.

Fruit is also kept in our fridge daily.  When we get home from the grocery store, after all the items are put away, I wash and prepare all of the fruit and vegetables.  I’ll promptly cut the strawberries, the grapes are plucked from the vine, and so on.  This makes it much easier to grab a quick healthy snack for the kids during the fussy time.

Let’s plan ahead now… is there starting to be a pattern for the times of the day your little one is fretting and worrying?  Take note and, for your own sanity, plan a snack or a highly hands on activity with that child.  Putting out a fire before it happens doesn’t seem logical, but if the ground is soaked with water, the fire can’t spread.  How do you like that metaphor?

Food and Touch.

The same goes for infants, most of the time when they’re crying they want only a hand full of things, and at the very top of their list is milk and some snuggles.

You got this momma!  Now go out there and take your day back from those troubling toddlers.  Just kidding, they’re angels, I know!

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