With this small life change, I feel like Snow White cleaning the 7 dwarves home with her singing animal friends while I do the laundry.

There are several things that pile up on mothers and wives out there in the world, but none so prominent as laundry duty.  It really doesn’t matter how many people you have in your family, there is always piles of laundry waiting by the machine.  I’ve felt this way when it was just my husband and myself, now we are about to add our fourth child making us a family of six.  Six people to do laundry for but for some reason when everything is folded, this momma’s pile is much smaller than everyone else’s stack of clothes.

Here’s the deal though, I refuse to waste a day just doing laundry!  I hate folding laundry for hours at a time because I would rather go play outside with my children, or go somewhere fun with my husband or perhaps take a nap!  {You’re kidding right, there are no time for naps! Read this, and then tell me you don’t have time for something.}   So, I changed one little habit to make it all easier.

I do one little load of laundry every night.

The very first step in all of this is to catch up on your piles of laundry first, but then after the baskets are emptied it is time to change your habits.

Because my children are still very little, I do a load of laundry at the same time I put the kids down for bed.  I’m to the point that I almost don’t even need laundry hampers in our home because instead of throwing the filthy clothes in the baskets or hampers, I just throw them into the washing machine.  I will wash our everyday clothes, the dirty wash rags and towels together at the end of the day.  The only things I won’t throw in there at the same time are jeans and delicate clothing.

The beauty of it is, with just one day’s dirty laundry my washer is usually the perfect fullness for clean clothes.  If you have too much washing at once, it will take 2x as long and not much is really getting clean.  If you have too few clothing articles, again it isn’t getting very clean.  With medium-small loads your washing is done better and more efficient.  The dry time is way less too.

What are you thinking?

How long would it take you to do just one little load of laundry?

Although each family is different, I’m confident this can help you like it helps me, because it has become so routine, that I rarely think about laundry.  It’s easier on my mental load knowing everything will be clean just about every day.  This in turn has allowed us to cut back on purchasing clothes.  My daughter can technically where the same clothes every day and I know this because she likes to change into her “cat” undies every morning.  I don’t even care if my kids wish to wear their church clothes to go play outside.  I love that as a photographer! I encourage pretty clothes just in case I have the desire to get out my camera.

Bonus Tip:

Do your sweet munchkins have stains all over your their clothes after a days worth of fun?  Do NOT pre-treat them!  All you must do to put those stains in their place is to treat the stain just before throwing it in the wash and washing on Hot!  Our family swears by Oxy Clean Spray and we typically use Tide detergent.  I only have stains on clothes that I forgot to spray before placing in the washing drum… but even those, I’ve gotten to come out eventually.

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