The use of a Timer is Simple and Realistic Approach to Efficiency. You will be able to get more done than ever before at home, at work, etc.

How to Be More Efficient with Your Time.

Ever since I began working, years ago, at the Center for Autism Education, I’ve become a wiz at using a timer.  It is one of my favorite tools for life. It’s my secret to efficiency.  Who doesn’t want to know how to be more efficient?

I Use a Timer!

On the days I use a timer, I get the most chores and agendas completed, the best quality time with my family, and even some appropriate rest time.  Slicing your days into intervals is the most genius path to becoming a great leader for your household as well as every other job title you possess or wish to enjoy someday.

Too simple? Maybe, but it works flawlessly for my family’s needs.

Take it Minute By Minute

Have you ever heard the phrase, “take it day by day”?  This is great advice, but I need things to be a tad more specific, so I take things one hour at a time.  Some days an hour is too long and I set the timer for thirty minutes instead, because that’s all I can handle.

Read that again, “all I can handle.”

This is what the timer is for; it is for feeling less overwhelmed and showing yourself that you can handle life with grace.  The timer will give you the strength you need to get through the day because it offers you a deadline.  Do you know what you can do after that timer goes off?

What Happens When the Timer Goes Off?

You can sit down and rest if you’d like.
You can work on something else, which is more fun sometimes.
What if you  brought your kiddos to play at the park for an hour?
There’s loads of possibilities.

Does it Actually Work?

I’m going to shock everybody right here when I say, I edited an entire wedding, (3,000+ images) in just one day with this method.  To be fully honest, I recruited a babysitter for the last hour.  I edited that wedding, and did piles of laundry to get ready for vacation the next day, played with my kids, and pregnant lady even took a 40 minute nap.  I could have gotten more done if I hadn’t let my laundry pile up.  Here’s a trick for that here: Laundry Sanity

How Do I Start Being More Efficient?

So let me lay it all out on the line for you here.  How do you really use this method?  Don’t worry it is ridiculously simple.

  1. Make a list of what you wish to accomplish for the day.
    1. Be specific.
    2. Instead of saying clean the house, break it up into clean the kitchen, living area, etc.
    3. It is okay to put too much on your list, more than you really think you’re capable of getting completed during the day. It is okay, just as long as you aren’t someone who will see it as a failure.  I use it to push myself.
  2. Pick the first thing you want to work on and set the timer for one hour. (It is that easy!)
    1. Work diligently and without distractions. No Instagram, or TV watching, or phone calls.
    2. Your kids will need you during that time and that is alright. Be patient with them and redirect them to something else… remember you’re going to schedule some wonderful quality time with them later.
  3. Reward yourself afterward with something you love to do, or reward you children for being patient. Don’t forget to set the timer!  Sometimes when I’m really busy my rest time consists of 30 minutes, but you be the judge.  If you just got finished scrubbing the stove and oven… take an hour for goodness sake!
  4. Cross the things you completed off your list. I usually get to mark off two or three, because I worked aggressively and without distraction.

What Are My Kids Doing While I’m Working?

During your first chore allow them to watch some TV or play outside in a safe, visible, and highly audible location while you clean indoors.  Make that first chore clearing them a space to play (we have a toy room).  Kids are drawn to clean areas to play because no one likes clutter, not even kids.  If you don’t have a toy room, clean one of their rooms and let them bring toys in there.  It may seem counter productive because you are cleaning a room just to mess up later, but it’s worth it.

Do your large chores while they nap/rest.

Will I feel like I’m Neglecting My Kids?

Absolutely not, because you’re going to be giving them more time without distraction.  I have no problem telling my child to go back and play until I’m finished because when that timer goes off, we’re going to have the best time.  Your kids don’t need a large quantity of time spent with their parents.  They need awesome quality time they’ll remember forever.

You don’t have to rest in between tasks either.

There are some chores I love, and some I dread.  You have the ability to do one dreaded chore and then one you love.  Before we had children and my husband was only home on the weekends I would set the timer for one hour of indoor chores, then I’d go mow the grass, then one hour of photo editing, then I sat down and relaxed.  When I finished relaxing, I got up and did one hour of indoor chores, then I went back outside and weeded the garden or watered the plants, then I came back to my photo editing, and rested again.

Efficiency Makes Life Easier

While using the timer system, I feel very comfortable saying I utilize my day in a way I am proud of myself and hope I’m pleasing God as well.  God doesn’t want us to be overwhelmed, overworked, or worried over all the daily things in life.  He wants us to enjoy ourselves.  I find it easier for me to thank God for all my blessings and talents when I’m “polishing up” my life, if you will.  When I take the time to make things nice for myself and others, isn’t it easier to enjoy it?

What Timer Should I Use?

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Oops!  Almost forgot to mention what type of timer I use.  Obviously, choosing a timer is a personal choice.  Just about everybody has one on their phones these days, and I’ll use mine in a pinch, but I found one that works the best for me.  Going back to my Center for Autism days, I use a visual timer.  Typically, women think visually, so I found a great timer that sticks to my refrigerator, shows me how much time I have left at a moment’s glance and gives me a holler (brrrrrrriiinnnnnnggg!) when my time is finally complete!

Visual Timer:


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