Where were you ten years ago? Think about this for a moment and try to mentally relive your life at that very age.  We all know how time goes by quickly and ten years doesn’t really seem so long ago, but then again a lot has changed in ten years, hasn’t it?

Ten years ago I was 21 and working at a local bank trying to make money to pay some bills and also have a little bit of spending cash for the weekends. I doted on a boyfriend (almost to the point of worshiping him) away at college a few hours from our hometown and I loved any time I had a chance to see him.  I would visit as often as I could, and when he came back home I wanted to smother every bit of him.  Fast forward to today, that boyfriend has been my husband now for seven years and we are getting ready to welcome our fourth child.  Needless to say, seeing his face doesn’t always bring on that same joy and anticipation.  That sounds so cruel, doesn’t it?!  But it’s not like that.  You see, now I anticipate his arrival home so the kids will focus their attention on him instead of being at my feet constantly while I’m tending to dinner.  Now, I’m so used to seeing him every single day, minus a few out of town business days, I’m not that same 21 year old self that is squealing with delight on the inside just to catch a glimpse of him in a crowd.

Sadly, I’m not always excited to do the things in order to win his love again and again, but why not?  I mean for what reason, really, shouldn’t I want to see his face just as much now as I wanted to then?  I know I love him a TRUCK LOAD more at the present than I ever imagined ten years ago, or seven years ago when we married, or even last year!

Why can’t I celebrate my husband?  Because he has become a routine.

My relationship with my husband is just one little glimmer of ten years ago.  I can go on and on and on and on and on just talking of the differences between now and then in so many other aspects of my life, but I’m not writing this for me, I’m writing for you.  The massive point I am want to make here is not allowing the good things happening to you every day become so routine and so mundane you can’t be happy about them anymore.  I’m not talking about a gentle smile while you reminisce, I’m speaking of the call your best friend because there’s a big news flash she has to hear type of enthusiasm.  Just because its happening daily doesn’t make it less special, in fact it is all the more extraordinary for the good fortune to live it day in and day out.

It has become more trendy, thankfully, to be more positive and upbeat in all areas of life.  This goes right along with it, with the exception of adding on a celebration.  Celebrate the little and big things you would have celebrated 10 years ago! Do something exciting on your day off again.  Make a big deal of your birthday once more.  Get the girls together to have some drinks, and just be silly celebrating your friendship.  Just because it has always been there, doesn’t mean it will always be there, so celebrate!  Don’t just acknowledge, get excited!

Have you put your mind to work thinking of your next celebration? If not, you better get to it!  There aren’t that many hours in your day, and though some days can feel excruciatingly  long, the years are way too short.

You’re never to old to except joy like a child does.



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One thought on “Celebrate Today the Things You Would Have Celebrated Ten Years Ago.

  1. Wow Dana…as I began to read this is was instantly locked into this Blog and yes that is the perfect pic to use just for this! Charolett is just a little doll! Keep up writing because it is awesome! So are you!
    Ms Mary

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